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Solar House Plans

Are you planning to lease, purchase, or own a photovoltaic (PV) system? No matter what you choose, we have a cost-efficient option for solar plans that is perfect for you! Our designers are here to help you choose what plan is ideal for your needs and preferences!

Solar House Plans

The solar design and permitting process for installing solar energy systems can be complicated and overwhelming. It is not standardized and can comprise numerous agencies. At, we take the stress and guesswork out of the whole process. We offer flat rate pricing on our solar plans.

Starting from $650 Flat Rate Fee

For grid-tied, roof, or ground mount systems, we offer a flat rate of $650 for standard or $800 with battery backup.

Stamped Structural Plans

For an additional $350 for roof mount or $450 for ground mount.

Fast Turnaround Time

Get your PV Plans done fast. 7-10 business days.

We take pride in our superior customer service and honesty. We guarantee our work and respect the project of our clients with the utmost privacy. 

Why Choose NorCal Title 24 to create your PV Plan Set?

At SoCal Title 24, we understand what is expected by the building department and know what it takes to complete your plan set.

We are dedicated to lowering the time, cost, and stress of creating residential PV plans and aim to go beyond customer expectations. Presenting a cost-efficient PV plan set with top-notch customer service and support sets us apart from our competition.

We genuinely believe that PV is a far better way to power the future. Our PV plans have everything contractors need so that they can concentrate on the things they do best: installing PV systems. 

We draft plan sets that are ideal for residential PV contractors. Our comprehensive and detailed plan sets with all the crucial elements required by  your local jurisdiction including:

  • Structural Attachment Details
  • Layout
  • Site Plan
  • Wire Diagrams
  • Placards/labels
  • Spec Sheets

We Make PV Plans Simple & Hassle-Free

Most Americans wish to go solar and do it by themselves. However, they often get delayed due to a lack of information on their drawings. If you go with us, rest assured knowing that we will provide a complete PV plan set helping you to avoid any delays.

We take the time-consuming and daunting task of getting your building permit and make it stress-free by ensuring the PV plans we create will be approved. You’ll be prepared to build in no time.

Once you get in touch with us, you can share all of your project needs. Our designers will then gather all of the details and create a precise and professional set of submittal drawings. 

Getting a permit to construct a solar system does not have to be costly or complicated. To submit a project, simply fill out the form on our website, attach your plans, and make payment.

Our professional designers have decades of experience working with local jurisdictions throughout the USA. They understand what data is needed and how to highlight it on the drawings. 

If you hire us, it will simplify the process. We know what is expected and know how to navigate through the city’s requirements. You will save time.

At, we get it right the first time, saving you stress, time, and money. Allow us to get your solar project off to the right start!

Get Your PV System Permit Plans for Residential Solar Installation

We help owner-builders and contractors with their solar permitting process. We focus on creating and designing residential roof or ground mount PV system plans for the permit approval process at your county or city building office. 

We are confident that we can get your permit approved quickly so you can begin installation as soon as possible. We have been operating throughout the USA for many years. Hence, we are very familiar with all the solar panel planning restrictions, which might stand in your way.

If there happen to be any plan check corrections that come back from your local jurisdiction, assuming that there are no changes to the original design, we will handle them and get your plans approved. If by any chance, they are not, we will assess and resubmit the documentation to acquire all the needed mandatory solar panel permits. 

Our team of solar plan experts will design your project to meet the guidelines of federal, state, and local entities involved in the permitting process in your area. That guarantees your solar project is permitted. Plus, our permits are assured to be fully compliant and accurate with building and electrical requirements. 

Find Out More About Our Solar Plans is here to help you with our proven system to get you through the permitting solar PV design permit application process. Our dedicated and reliable team will help you with your solar plan documentation for the acquisition of building and safety permit approval for residential roof or ground mount.

You can depend on our experience with NEC regulations and city codes and will use it to work with you through the process. Our designers will look forward to working with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at 916-352-7137

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